Allstar Link Voter/Simulcast Client Demo/Test System

Allstar Node 2002 (and associated local/private nodes)

This system is provided to facilitate the demonstration, testing, and staging of Allstar VOTER/Simulcast client devices, such as the Micro-Node RTCM (Radio Thin Client Module) and the Allstar (thru-hole) VOTER board.

The default configuration of the devices is to use this server ( and a client password (radios), which is provisioned on this server to allow connection from multiple such devices simultaneously, thus allowing an "out of the box" configuration that is functional.

In other words, you can take one of these devices, and without making any configruation changes, have it be a functional VOTER/simulcast radio interface, as long as you connect it up to a network that provides DHCP IP address assignment, and a GPS device that "speaks" NMEA protocol (and has precise 1 Pulse-Per-Second output, such as the Garmin LVC18X) (if you connect it to a Trimble Thunderbolt, you have to at least change the GPS protocol to "TSIP", which will also change the GPS baud rate to 9600).

Please click on the "Voter Client Status" link (above) (or Here) for Real-Time staus of all clients currently connected to this server.

Several different client configurations are supported on this server:

Client Password Duplex CODEC RX Audio Type Tx Audio Type Generates 100.0 Hz CTCSS Voting System Capable
radios Full Duplex (repeater) Mu Law discriminator / flat modulator / flat YES YES
rptnopl Full Duplex (repeater) Mu Law discriminator / flat line / mic NO YES
rptnod Full Duplex (repeater) Mu Law line / speaker line / mic NO YES
simp Simplex Mu Law discriminator / flat modulator / flat YES NO
simpnopl Simplex Mu Law line / speaker line / mic NO NO
simpnod Simplex Mu Law line / speaker modulator / flat YES NO
cellnopl Simplex (long rx buffer) ADPCM line / speaker line / mic NO NO

If you wish to use one of the above configurations (as opposed to the default "radios" one), just set the VOTER client password in the client device to the desired password in the above table that is associated with the mode that you wish to use.

The "cellnopl" mode is provided for those whose radios are conected to a client via a high-latency Internet connection, such as a Cellular/LTE network. The "ADPCM" CODEC is used in this case to optimize this type of usage.

Note: The 3 voting systems (clients "radios", "rptnopl", and "rptnod") are SEPARATE Voting systems. Voting receivers will be able to "vote" within each of the 3 systems, but there can be no "voting" between clients connected to different systems. Generally, all clients in a Voting system will be configured with the same transmit interface characteristics, so this should not be a problem. Also, if you do not wish to make use of the provided transmit audio, just dont use it. It doesn't hurt for the board to generate it and do nothing with it.

Please feel free to use this system for whatever testing/verification/experimentation you wish to do this these devices. Do remember, however, to be considerate to others using the system.